Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cross-Canada Trash

Along the highways, traveling daily just as we do, the trash is on a journey. It's time to make visible all the trash that we put out of our minds, and keep placing it infront of viewers for them to see. Then when they move so as not to look at it, place it infront of their view again.

A bit of a childish prank, ?, more of an educational prank, ?, yes.

send your pics of garbage by the road, artistic or not. just like any other visual stimulus, if we look at it enough we begin to find details and meaning that was not previously considered.

your participation in this blog is welcomed!


  1. Hello. I like your trash-cherishing project and have some roadside garbage from Oslo to share, if you are interested. How do I post?

  2. Oslo Roadside Trash / Søppel i Oslo's gater

    See The Lost and Found Section of Oslo Roadside Trash at Flickr:

    The Aesthetics of Trash..

    :-) Sonja . / (